1. Thank you Golden Harper! Your shoe design is a miracle, progressive and a god send to ultra running and trail running! You keep us all moving forward toward goals and injury prevention! We are running how we should have been running from the beginning, how our feet were made to function!


  2. I’ve always wondered how the Altra shoe began and now I do! Great story! Very grateful Mr. Harper never gave up on developing his shoes. I suffered with knee pain for many years. After purchasing my first pair of Escalantes I suffered no more. They even helped improve my posture. Altras forever!


  3. Golden Harper you are awesome! So delighted to have found Altra running shoes! I have been running seriously since 1978. I have a very small foot for. 67 year old man, and getting a shoe with the right stride and feel has been very difficult to say the least. No need now to go a size larger.
    I am back to really enjoying running again! Your shoes are the best!


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