Bridge Soles are Here!

After years of testing and fine tuning, our first P.R. Gear product, Bridge Soles, are here! The whole fam got in on the action of checking them out and unpacking them a bit.

Much of what P.R. Gear is and will be is an extension of the foot health and running technique betterment missions of Altra. Stepping away from Altra was incredibly difficult in many ways, but there was also so much I wanted to give to the world that just wasn’t going to happen with how big Altra had become. P.R. Gear gives me a chance to bring simple solutions for foot health, running improvement, and outdoor adventure to market while being able to focus more on the education, rather than just the products.

For example, our goal with Bridge Soles is that the education in the we provide along with them both in the box and on the website makes them obsolete! Hence the ‘Bridge’ name…they’re meant to offload the foot and lower leg while people do the necessary strengthening/realignment necessary so the Bridge Soles won’t be regularly needed. Meanwhile, keep them in the closet for when things get overloaded.

Bridge Soles are designed primarily for the following issues:

  • Neuromas and other forefoot conditions
  • Plantar Fascia & other heel issues
  • Offloading the Achilles & posterior chain
  • Adapting or transitioning to more natural footwear, or even just adapting to less cushioning (good for joints)

We’re excited to offer a super lightweight solution for offloading the foot and lower leg, that doesn’t weaken those areas like traditional insoles.

Bridge Soles are now available on the PR Gear website for $14.99 or 2 for $25.99 with the discount codes on the website.

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