4. High Cadence 165+

4. High Cadence 165+

I analyzed elite & rarely injured runners running at normal human speeds and found that cadence varies with pace. The old recommendation of 180+ is inefficient & difficult at slower speeds and is only applicable for most at speeds of faster than 7 minute per mile pace. While elite & rarely injured runners generally do not run 180+ at slower speeds, they rarely if ever drop below 165 steps per minute. Research has shown that the average runner can reduce all forces on their joints by 20% by simply increasing their cadence by 10 steps per minute. Below is what I found and recommend for cadence based on your pace.

  • 165+ steps/minute: 10 min/mile and slower
  • 170+: steps/minute: 9 min/mile pace
  • 175+: 8 min/mile pace
  • 180+: 7 min/mile pace and faster

I recommend downloading a free metronome app to your phone (I use Pro Metronome) and running to the corresponding beat.
You can also use a watch and do a “cadence check” by counting how many times your right leg hits the ground in 20 seconds. Shoot for 28 (which is 162 steps/min) to 30 (180 steps per minute).
if all else fails, grab the metronome off your piano, set it to the right tempo, take it for a spin and run to the beat 😉



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