Golden Harper
Golden Head Shot

2:45:34 Marathon at age 12 is a World Best for 12 Years Old

2x State Cross Country Champion & Footlocker Finalist

Inventor of Altra running shoes, the world’s first cushioned Zero Drop(tm), Foot-shaped(tm) running shoes.

Coined the term “Zero Drop” to describe how the cushioning no longer dropped from the heel to the forefoot of a shoe.

-Inventor of removable StoneGuard(tm), sandwiched StoneGuard(tm), StabiliPods(tm), removable varus Stability Wedge(tm).

-Worked and/or managed at Runner’s Corner from 1991-2011

-Did all his collegiate research on Running Injuries and Running Technique & graduated with a degree in Exercise Science: Fitness & Wellness with a Business Management Emphasis


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