Removable StoneGuard

Edit: I’ve been prototype testing a new, better way to do a removable rock protection plate for a few years now and should have them commercially available in Spring of 2023 with my new venture. 

The Removable StoneGuard(tm) is a full-length, 1.5mm protective TPU piece with grippers that allows an athlete to protect their feet from rock or stone bruising without it slipping around in the shoe.  It is placed beneath the insole of the shoe and can be removed at any time if the athlete wants to drop weight while embarking over more forgiving terrain.


  1. I need 6 sets men’s size 11 inserts and 3 sets of women’s size 8.5. That’s the shoe size, not may be on the insert. Please refer me to your supplier. Thanks.


    1. Unfortunately Altra isn’t selling these separately anymore. You could try contacting customer service and begging. I think we’ll see some new products along these lines hit the market in the next year or so though.


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