Golden Harper & Born to Run 2: New Running Form & Natural Footwear Training Tools Coming Soon

With the recent release of Born to Run 2 and the mentions of some of my story in the book, I thought it would be a good time to update people on a couple of things I’m working on:

While I can’t reveal much at this point, I’ve got a couple of new training tools coming out in the next couple of months that I’m very excited about offering to the world!

First off is the FloatRun Harness:

After studying and constantly teaching running technique for 20+ years now, I’ve come to the conclusion that teaching isn’t enough. Efficient, low impact running form needs to “hard wired” in via muscle memory…i.e. practiced the right way constantly for 6 weeks or so until it becomes hard wired in. This takes me back to Dr. Tom Miller (Author of Programmed to Run—highly recommended) teaching me good running form at age 8 and giving me a modified rubber band to keep my elbows back/arms in the right place/posture where it should be, etc. The FloatRun Harness is my updated take on this contraption, and I firmly believe it is the quickest and most effective way to permanently learn fun, efficient, soft running technique! The FloatRun Harness will be available for under $10 sometime early summer. Fill out my contact form to get a discount and be notified when they come available.

Next are Bridge Soles, which in addition to being a great tool for many common foot problems like Forefoot/Neuroma pain, Plantar Fasciosis, and Achilles issues—are also amazing for being the most effective tool to transition from traditional shoes to more natural shoes.

My research when I was developing Altra led us to understand that most people transitioned easily from traditional shoes with raised heels to Zero Drop shoes IF they maintained a similar level of cushion and support that they were used to (There were and are still a small percentage of people that don’t transition well for various reasons). The problem with this is that many people end up changing both their platform (amount of drop/toe box shape, etc.) AND going with less cushioning and support than they are used to.

Contrary to popular belief, lower leg soreness is rarely caused by less drop or heel lift alone (we all experience negative 50+ mm drop regularly when walking up hills, etc.), but is more affected by the total amount of support underfoot and the body bracing for impact (something called “landing response” This is the reason some struggle with transitioning to running in more natural footwear at first, but have no problem walking around in them. This is also why track distance runners still get sore calves and feet when wearing spikes for the first time in a season, despite most distance track spikes traditionally featuring a similar amount of heel elevation as traditional running shoes.

The BridgeSoles have a deep heel cup, super soft longitudinal arch, and full metatarsal pad to allow the foot and lower leg to RELAX upon landing and pull pressure off the calves, achilles, and foot musculature. They weigh just over 1/2 and ounce, and 3/4 length, designed to go underneath your shoes existing insoles. They are to be used for a few weeks to a few months, until your body has fully adapted to more natural footwear—and then slowly phased out and kept in storage until needed for a foot or lower leg issue, etc.

Why spend a ton of money to buy a 4-8mm drop “transition shoe” when you can get a pair of removable insoles that is more effective at getting the job done?

Bridge Soles will be available for under $20 and will be available in the next couple of months are available now. Fill out my contact form to get a discount and be notified when they come available.